Olive Oil

The most important applications of Olive Oil derive from the moisturizing, antioxidant and softening properties of it. Well-hydrated skin has an increased capacity to regenerate and is less vulnerable to various forms of skin damage. The skin is able to maintain elasticity whereas the resilience of the skin is being strengthened further. Olive Oil is a very universal soap that can be used by all types of skin due to its hypoallergenic nature, whereas the low ph allows usage for extremely sensitive or dry skin. Pure Olive Oil is effectively used against eczema, psoriasis and can help in the healing process caused by sun-damages.


Wild Rose

The essential oils of Wild Rose compose a pleasant and elegant scent that seduces your senses to a purely aesthetic experience. The rich scent of Greek Wild Roses let you relax and invoke positive thoughts. With Wild Rose we want our customers to experience the elements that synthesize the unique environment in which this particular scent is created. Sun, sea and wild nature have left their characteristic stigma on these particular flowers composing the context that lets your mind calm, recall familiar associations and initiate sedative activity. 


Activated Charcoal

The highly absorbent nature of Activated Charcoal allows your skin to draw out oils and remove environmental pollutants. The chemical properties of charcoal allow it to absorb toxins as well as alcohol, metals and other substances. Antioxidants have the ability to prevent oxidative damage that destroys and depletes the function and structure of the skin. In addition, microscopic grains allow a pure, soft pealing on your skin. The congruent effect of these characteristics allow a deep cleansing of your skin offering you a fresh feeling while reducing acne and other skin irritations. Due to successful exfoliation you are able to apply other products to nurture your skin further allowing valuable substances to penetrate deeper into your skin.


Argan Oil

This ancient ingredient is valued for its nutritious qualities helping your cells to regenerate and rejuvenate in every part of your body. Argan Oil is especially effective applied on dry skin, acting as a soft moisturizer and thus reducing scars and unevenness in skin. The essential oil is absorbed quickly by the skin, preventing it from becoming greasy and sticky. Despite the traditional applications of Argan Oil in healthcare, especially in Morocco where it is mainly used to treat scars, the oil has been highly appreciated for its contribution to beautiful skin and brilliant hair. It is effective for the reduction of coarse wrinkles and fine lines in the eye area, but at the same time can be used to soften and smoothen sensitive or stressed areas, like lips and heels as well as minimize stretch marks.


Donkey Milk

Being rich in lactose and low in fat, the chemical composition of Donkey Milk is proven to be the closest to human milk. Donkey Milk contains precious anti-bacterial enzymes and anti-allergens allowing application to every skin type. Donkey Milk owes its popularity and today's luxury image to the ancient queen Cleopatra of Egypt who is said to have used it on a daily basis. Although the secrets of Cleopatra’s beauty may never be revealed, the extremely valuable elements of Donkey Milk are validating its application in beauty. Specifically, the multiple vitamins contained in the milk have a positive effect on the life cycle of the skin cells, supporting the application of Donkey Milk as an anti-aging and refreshment component. 

Nico Louris